1. nonsense

I think that is a load of cobblers

Hypernyms: ↑nonsense, ↑bunk, ↑nonsensicality, ↑meaninglessness, ↑hokum
2. a man's testicles (from Cockney rhyming slang: cobbler's awl rhymes with ball)
testis, ↑testicle, ↑orchis, ↑ball, ↑ballock, ↑bollock, ↑nut, ↑egg

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\\ˈkäblə(r)z\ noun plural
Etymology: from cobblers' awls, rhyming slang for balls

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cobblers UK [ˈkɒblə(r)z] US [ˈkɑblərz] noun [plural] british very informal
something that you think is silly or not true
Thesaurus: liessynonym

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